France I.

Hot chocolate, Road signs, The Bay of Biscay, bread, butter, stairs, cheese, rivers, confusing door locks and the Mediterranean Sea. When I think of my trip to France, these are the things I think of. 11 days was too long for my mother but not long enough for me. I wanted to climb more stairs,Continue reading “France I.”

Day by day.

In all its glory, random photos I found in my camera that I have not had time to completely look through. I’ve been having a lazy day of eating nothing but (Mountain Man) granola bars and peanut butter and watching BBC world news. Let’s just say I’ve had time on my hands today. ♥Taken byContinue reading “Day by day.”


Although, I technically left yesterday for the Pacific Northwest, I feel as though my journey started when I went to Shonto to visit my Grandma. Therefore, I thought I would share some photos of my visit to where my mother, grandmother and great grandmother are from. Just a little insight as to who I amContinue reading “Shonto.”