Seattle. Vancouver.

Oh Seattle. There have been two cities in the United States that I have always dreamed of visiting. And I visited one of them last week. With Seattle, I had the romantic notion of the 90’s grunge era in my head (YES, I am guilty of imagining Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley walking down possibly the same street as I in the U district). And I only have to thank grunge, riot grrrl and most of the bands that came out of the northwest in the 90’s for my wonderful teenage angst phase in high school. Sometimes I wonder if the music from that time and place caress my wounds or did it add to the salt that contributed to my teenage depression and identity crisis growing up? hmmm I would have to say both BUT if I could go back to being 16 I wouldn’t change a thing. As I would not change a thing about my Seattle trip. It reminded me a lot of Northern England; very gloomy, cloudy and the colors around me were very monotone. It was nice to catch up and see my college roommate Becki and explore Seattle together. We had a running joke about our two day trip to Vancouver and how Vancouver was like the successful older sibling to Seattle. And Seattle was the sibling that went to art school and is still trying to figure out what to do with its life. I guess I can relate to Seattle in that sense ::elbow nudge:: Anywho here are some pics from my Seattle/ Vancouver escapade.

♥Mad Season- River of Deceit♥

View of Seattle from the Space Needle
Becki and I at the Mox and getting ready to get crazy and play some Pit
At Sundance Cinema Seattle. My favorite theatre now because they have this movie poster hanging in their women’s bathroom. Do not start with my love for Matti Pellonpää.
I’m the troll hiding behind the troll.
Stanley Park_effected
Stanley Park Walks
Gorgeous Totem Poles in Stanley Park (Vancouver)
This momma racoon was not happy
Space Needle at night
On top of the Space Needle
Night view of Seattle