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The muse of my des(s)ert

♥Saving all my love for you- Whitney Houston♥

AZ central poetry spot and Cloudthroat

I have a couple poems that have been published in the past couple weeks. One is ‘Raspberries do not blush in the sky,’ a poem written for Anna Mae Aquash and missing murdered Indigenous women. This poem is located on the AZcentral.com Poetry Spot page.  Another two poems, ‘Rose Quartz,” and “Natives with Neural Activity,’ is located in the new issue of Cloudthroat online journal … Read More AZ central poetry spot and Cloudthroat

The mesa behind Grandma Cowboy’s house

  It leaves and returns The day is hot and windy on top of this Mesa Juniper trees pop up, sparse like hastiin faces whiskers on chin and cheek 30 miles north I can see Navajo Mountain, to my right Past the rusty pink canyons and untarred roads Equal distance to my left is Black Mesa A Mesa seen as skin to Diné But … Read More The mesa behind Grandma Cowboy’s house

What is a body?

Red Girl, Glittering World What does it mean to inhabit this skin? To the blue eyed beast I am sin   To the “other” MY other, red folx I am the female rain in the desert I am the gentle hummingbird levitating I am the squash blossom blooming I am the love of two Diné people That met in phoenix Returned north And settled … Read More What is a body?

Me and my tea

It’s just me and my tea Extra company, not misery Formulates an herbal blend Most times it will extend And pause a quiet moment   Present, once again I remember where I am   Chai Oh, hi Jasmine My friend Darjeeling Makes me sing Chamomile Stay awhile Navajo Tea Wowee!   Your nature compels And expels Toxicities With your herbal remedies A kaleidoscope mist … Read More Me and my tea

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