Daughters of the Glittering World*revised

Daughters of the Glittering World *** Rivers of ignorance disjoint In the Yellow World Where a river of pride divided Altsé hastiin, First Man  and Altsé asdzáá, First Woman       A disheartening division             In this Glittering World Shiny sons we were meant to bear Our men tell us to learn “But don’tContinue reading “Daughters of the Glittering World*revised”

D.A.N.G! Vol.2 (Daydreaming, awkward, native, girl) 

Will be premiering D.A.N.G! (Daydreaming, awkward, native, girl) Vol. 2. This Saturday at the Albuquerque zinefest, October 7th, 2017 at the Harwood Art Center (11am-6pm). Might be doing a short reading/Q&A as well. Hope to see you there! Cover artwork by Jeff Slim. ♥Melody’s Echo Chamber- I follow you♥

What is a body?

Red Girl, Glittering World What does it mean to inhabit this skin? To the blue eyed beast I am sin   To the “other” MY other, red folx I am the female rain in the desert I am the gentle hummingbird levitating I am the squash blossom blooming I am the love of two DinéContinue reading “What is a body?”

France I.

Hot chocolate, Road signs, The Bay of Biscay, bread, butter, stairs, cheese, rivers, confusing door locks and the Mediterranean Sea. When I think of my trip to France, these are the things I think of. 11 days was too long for my mother but not long enough for me. I wanted to climb more stairs,Continue reading “France I.”

What does Aboriginal Women’s Leadership mean to me?

A few days ago I attended a dinner to see a few friends since I’ve been back from my travels. In addition, I met some new folks, did some zine swapping and came home with some Indigenous art and literature goodies. I had the lovely opportunity to get my paws on an aesthetically pleasing zineContinue reading “What does Aboriginal Women’s Leadership mean to me?”

New Delhi.

As I flew into New Delhi, I still had the magical glow in my eyes of being in such a delightful country that is Nepal. I had the sense of reassurance and was slowly starting to regain faith in humanity. That was all about to come crashing down my first 48 hours in India. WhatContinue reading “New Delhi.”

Day by day.

In all its glory, random photos I found in my camera that I have not had time to completely look through. I’ve been having a lazy day of eating nothing but (Mountain Man) granola bars and peanut butter and watching BBC world news. Let’s just say I’ve had time on my hands today. ♥Taken byContinue reading “Day by day.”

Empower yoself before you wreck yoself: Native American Feminist Musings Vol.1

Our etsy store is finally up! Proud to say I’ve never had so much fun making a zine with my BFF Melanie. Our 44 page zine includes topics from Mel’s letter to the governor of Oregon regarding the INDIAN MASCOT ISSUE and senate bill 1509 to a collage detailing URBAN INDIAN GUILT. It also hasContinue reading “Empower yoself before you wreck yoself: Native American Feminist Musings Vol.1”


Although, I technically left yesterday for the Pacific Northwest, I feel as though my journey started when I went to Shonto to visit my Grandma. Therefore, I thought I would share some photos of my visit to where my mother, grandmother and great grandmother are from. Just a little insight as to who I amContinue reading “Shonto.”