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The muse of my des(s)ert

♥Saving all my love for you- Whitney Houston♥

My cactus

The sands of our skin melt into each other Like roasted velvet mesquite created by the hands and stones of his people, desert folk,                                           my Ha:sañ                                   … Read More My cactus

Window Rock, AZ

I wrote this when I was at last year’s #asdzaawarriorfest in Window Rock, AZ. Featured in Yellow medicine review’s issue last fall. ♥Toro y moi- My touch♥

Daughters of the Glittering World*revised

Daughters of the Glittering World *** Rivers of ignorance disjoint In the Yellow World Where a river of pride divided Altsé hastiin, First Man  and Altsé asdzáá, First Woman       A disheartening division             In this Glittering World Shiny sons we were meant to bear Our men tell us to learn “But don’t get too smart” Be a leader “But you can’t … Read More Daughters of the Glittering World*revised

Natives with neural activity (copy and pasted zine style)

Materials: Paper, ink, pink highlighter, pressed flowers, contact paper, copy machine, glue stick. ♥Broadcast- Subject to the ladder♥

Two Dinè Men At 8PM 

Tonight, I descend my voice Tonight, I bend my thoughts  Tonight, my heart was so heavy It should’ve took  two tanks of gas  to get home   Instead, I was numb  as the tar  on the road and dull as the red unblinking tail lights    All headed south  In lines  And in curves    I, Trying to dismantle a young memory where comfort  … Read More Two Dinè Men At 8PM 

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