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Winter 2018.

♦♦My musings hover above, a lilac amber horizon stirring into honey lavender clouds with bits of creosote flashing into the sweetness of the sky♦♦ ♥Elliot Smith- Angel in the snow♥

Window Rock, AZ

I wrote this when I was at last year’s #asdzaawarriorfest in Window Rock, AZ. Featured in Yellow medicine review’s issue last fall. ♥Toro y moi- My touch♥

The mesa behind Grandma Cowboy’s house

  It leaves and returns The day is hot and windy on top of this Mesa Juniper trees pop up, sparse like hastiin faces whiskers on chin and cheek 30 miles north I can see Navajo Mountain, to my right Past the rusty pink canyons and untarred roads Equal distance to my left is Black Mesa A Mesa seen as skin to Diné But … Read More The mesa behind Grandma Cowboy’s house

Shonto Ladies in France

♥Les Champs-Élysées- Joe Dassin♥

D.A.N.G! Vol.2 (Daydreaming, awkward, native, girl) 

Will be premiering D.A.N.G! (Daydreaming, awkward, native, girl) Vol. 2. This Saturday at the Albuquerque zinefest, October 7th, 2017 at the Harwood Art Center (11am-6pm). Might be doing a short reading/Q&A as well. Hope to see you there! Cover artwork by Jeff Slim. ♥Melody’s Echo Chamber- I follow you♥

Puerto Peñasco

    Some pictures of my “Girls weekend getaway” in Puerto Peñasco or what Americans call, Rocky Point. I think it’s ironic that I’ve lived in Arizona my whole life and have traveled to so many countries but it took me 30 years to finally go to Mexico (which is only 2 and a half hrs by car). It was a fun road trip … Read More Puerto Peñasco

Sun Shining on Water. Shonto.

A poem about where my mom, grandma, great grandma and so on are from.

Empower yoself before you wreck yoself: Native American Feminist Musings Vol.1

Our etsy store is finally up! Proud to say I’ve never had so much fun making a zine with my BFF Melanie. Our 44 page zine includes topics from Mel’s letter to the governor of Oregon regarding the INDIAN MASCOT ISSUE and senate bill 1509 to a collage detailing URBAN INDIAN GUILT. It also has an assortment of artwork, poetry, short stories, etc. Also … Read More Empower yoself before you wreck yoself: Native American Feminist Musings Vol.1


Although, I technically left yesterday for the Pacific Northwest, I feel as though my journey started when I went to Shonto to visit my Grandma. Therefore, I thought I would share some photos of my visit to where my mother, grandmother and great grandmother are from. Just a little insight as to who I am and where my maternal family comes from. ♥ Bruce … Read More Shonto.

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