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Californian Change

Life has been a whirlwind of hopes, fingers crossed and a transporting of many boxes up and down three flights of stairs. I recently left my job in Phoenix, Arizona to pursue my Master of fine Arts in creative writing with an emphasis in Poetry at Mills College in Oakland, California. It may be one state away but the change is vast and feel … Read More Californian Change

My cactus

The sands of our skin melt into each other Like roasted velvet mesquite created by the hands and stones of his people, desert folk,                                           my Ha:sañ                                   … Read More My cactus

AZ central poetry spot and Cloudthroat

I have a couple poems that have been published in the past couple weeks. One is ‘Raspberries do not blush in the sky,’ a poem written for Anna Mae Aquash and missing murdered Indigenous women. This poem is located on the Poetry Spot page.  Another two poems, ‘Rose Quartz,” and “Natives with Neural Activity,’ is located in the new issue of Cloudthroat online journal … Read More AZ central poetry spot and Cloudthroat

Red Rock Lavender Festival

A toasty tenderness permeates from velvety purple petals Creating Kaleidoscopes of lavender oil along my wrists down to my hips As I walk through its pastoral  

Gasping glochid

Slice me open like a saguaro fruit Let me bleed, raw red with delight and comfort Take your carob thumbs and rub the skin soaked My needles fall out easily for you Unlike the others, I’ve made sure to stab in all the right places So they can let me be, to bask in the sun I was not ripe until You knew the … Read More Gasping glochid

Window Rock, AZ

I wrote this when I was at last year’s #asdzaawarriorfest in Window Rock, AZ. Featured in Yellow medicine review’s issue last fall. ♥Toro y moi- My touch♥

Sneak peek of Angsty Asdzáá

Little sneak peek of my new zine, Angsty Asdzáá. I wanted this Zine to be more raw and personal. I hand typed all of my poems and prose in this zine as well, it still has typo’s in it. Flaws and all💖💖💖-AM

Angsty Asdzáá Zine.

Among it all…I finished. A collection of poetry, collages, pictures of my family and prose, all from the lens of an angsty Indigenous womxn. Will be available soon at Palabras Bilingual Bookstore and Wasted Ink Zine Distro ♥ A Tribe Called Red- Sisters♥

The mesa behind Grandma Cowboy’s house

  It leaves and returns The day is hot and windy on top of this Mesa Juniper trees pop up, sparse like hastiin faces whiskers on chin and cheek 30 miles north I can see Navajo Mountain, to my right Past the rusty pink canyons and untarred roads Equal distance to my left is Black Mesa A Mesa seen as skin to Diné But … Read More The mesa behind Grandma Cowboy’s house

An ode to zine making

An ode to zine making Makeshift manifestos and meticulous missions Hope for a promising praxis No money? No problem DIY-do it yourself   My zine, my thing   Unedited language squeeze out soliloquies Uncensored, raw dialect Crunch and slice Of paper ripping, letters sinking onto an Island of paste   Dialect of trauma hide under my fingernails Ready to be cleansed By the soap … Read More An ode to zine making

Women’s March 2018- Phoenix, AZ

Kinłání Crybaby

Even to this day I am a Kinłání crybaby A rupture of bigots Wanting to sell me a golden ticket All in the while fingers are crossed Behind their backs While something lacks Behind a smile That wants my autonomy to be Controlled by their bank   I am a Kinłání crybaby That has grown up Seeing my transient relatives Wander the streets Drinking … Read More Kinłání Crybaby

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