I created a video called A MIXTAPE FOR A 30-SOMETHING-YEAR-OLD PUNK GIRL. It is also the first poem in my upcoming chapbook Electric Deserts! Thought this video would be a good intro on what to expect from the chapbook which will be released May 2020. This video is dedicated to all the POC Punk andContinue reading “A MIXTAPE FOR A 30-SOMETHING- YEAR-OLD PUNK GIRL VIDEO”

I started a go fund me to help pay for my MFA college tuition

Hi Everyone, Recently I was rejected for a scholarship that I was hoping would cover the last 3 credits (each credit in my grad program is $1,000) of my graduate school requirements for this upcoming academic year. In addition to a tribal scholarship and a fellowship that helps fund my tuition, I will be possiblyContinue reading “I started a go fund me to help pay for my MFA college tuition”

Graduate school

My hips happily feel the air As I walked down play dough pavements And around cement trees My knees feel the humidity As I bend in momentum Crushing the potato chips leaves beneath me Two years sound like a long time To bend my knees away from my lover My mother and my brother WritingContinue reading “Graduate school”

Californian Change

Life has been a whirlwind of hopes, fingers crossed and a transporting of many boxes up and down three flights of stairs. I recently left my job in Phoenix, Arizona to pursue my Master of fine Arts in creative writing with an emphasis in Poetry at Mills College in Oakland, California. It may be oneContinue reading “Californian Change”

AZ central poetry spot and Cloudthroat

I have a couple poems that have been published in the past couple weeks. One is ‘Raspberries do not blush in the sky,’ a poem written for Anna Mae Aquash and missing murdered Indigenous women. This poem is located on the AZcentral.com Poetry Spot page.  Another two poems, ‘Rose Quartz,” and “Natives with Neural Activity,’ isContinue reading “AZ central poetry spot and Cloudthroat”