About Amber

Amber McCrary is Diné poet, zinester and feminist. She is Red House born for Mexican people. Originally from Shonto, Arizona and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona. In the small town of Flagstaff is where she discovered her love for Punk Rock and the Do it Yourself Culture.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts from Arizona State University in Political Science with a minor in American Indian Studies. She is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry at Mills College. She is also the creator of DANG! Zine (Daydreaming, Awkward, Native, Girl) Vol. 1 and Vol.2, Angsty Asdzáá: Tales of an angry Indigenous womxn zine and The Asdzáá Beat. She has conducted zine and writing workshops at The Heard Museum, The Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Indian Center and Navajo Technical University. She currently lives in Oakland, California.

Her work has appeared in Yellow Medicine Review, Bluestockings Magazine, Cloudthroat magazine, 580 split, Warship Zine and the Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Interdisciplinary and Intersectional Approaches 1st Edition.

Her first Chapbook, Electric Deserts is forthcoming from Tolsun Books, May 2020.


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