The mesa behind Grandma Cowboy’s house


Grandma Cowboy’s trusty dog, Red.

It leaves and returns.

The day is hot and windy on top of this Mesa

Juniper trees pop up, sparse

Whiskers on chin and cheek

30 miles north I can see Navajo Mountain, to my right

Past the rusty pink canyons and untarred roads

Equal distance to my left is Black Mesa

A Mesa seen as skin to Diné

But paper greener than Matcha on a cold day

To all the Mr. Peabody’s in the midwest

I hear cowbells in the distance

With old sheep moving it’s puffy chins

To make its presence known

Then grandma gets out of her truck

Freshly permed Kinlachiinii hair and Canadian tuxedo

She waltzes to a boarded shed

To dive her chocolate colored fingers

Into lemon colored straw for their feast

I sit on top of the mesa

from here I can tell grandma

Is happy because the sheep

Did not get lost in the canyons and have returned

The sheep take a moment to see the hay

And almost rumba like make their way

Grandma’s sheep at the bottom of the canyon

♥The Chromatics- Runnin up that hill♥

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