Where do I even begin with Goa? Or Anjuna Beach to be exact. Originally I had been underwhelmed by what I had experienced of India and Goa but as I am back home sitting comfortably at my desk back home in Arizona, I can’t help but feel myself thinking fondly of India. I’m lying it’s not just fondly thinking of India more so craving. The feeling of “did that just really happen?” has been crossing my mind all week since I’ve been home recovering from jet lag. Every ounce of me is trying not get back on the plane and book the next ticket to Mumbai. What is this magnetic feeling India has on me? What is it about the country that is so mesmerizing? What is it that you feel as though you truly are in another world? The energy is unfamiliar yet mesmerizing. For me it was too much but now that I stopped denying my feelings for the country I have accepted the beautiful chaos that this country contains and everything I have been avoiding.

Let’s just say there is some kind of short story in the making.

♥Nightmares on Wax- Damn♥


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