Starting out my beach vacation with a chest infection is not exactly what I would say was “ideal.” What I thought was simple allergies turned into a full blown cold then infection of the chest. Fun stuff.

After being a bit frazzled and for the first time having culture shock in New Delhi, I was happy to be anywhere but. Once I flew into Goa, I took a 5 hour local bus south to Gokarna where I met up with my friend Kat who I met in Kathmandu (I just realized there’s some kind of pun in this last sentence).

Since I didn’t have a phone, my only hope was to find a nice citizen that would let me use their phone for one minute otherwise the bus station would’ve been my home for the night.

Luckily, once the bus pulled up, Kat was sitting on the steps. Relieved is an understatement. We had a beautiful plate of Masala Dosa’s (with coconut chutney!) in the small village of Gokarna then we walked over a large hill/small mountain to what would be my home for the week, Kudle Beach.

The first couple days in Kudle Beach was amazing. The most and relaxed beaches were a stones throw away from my little bamboo beach shack. It was just what I needed. Being sick is the pits but it doesn’t help if there’s a beach and some wonderful people to sit and watch the sunset with over the Arabian Sea everyday.

Not much to write about in this post other than the fact that I ate the most delectable fruit porridge of my life every morning, read Shantaram and watched the sunset for 3 hours everyday.

Not too shabby.

♥Boards of Canada- Dawn Chorus♥



This kid trying to sell me a drum photobombed my picture but now I’m glad because this has become one of my favorite pics.


These lucky mofo’s


Ready for sunset on a cliff


View of Gokarna Beach


Kudle Beach.

IMG_3484 IMG_3481


Beach Doggies.



It may.


Awkward Amber Sunsets.


IMG_3512 Strange Paradise.

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