pot of tea

Pot of tea
I have so much left in this pot of tea
Just me
In Nepal, enjoying the scenery
“Are you from Asia?” They ask me
I shyly smile and shake my head
This weird Mongolian looking brown girl who speaks English, what is she?
I stare down at my pot of tea
From A to B, I live for that pot of tea
But what is she?
I am me
I say
I have my father’s Mongolian features
And my mother’s bashful Kinłachiini smile and curiosity of the world
And they are both Navajo
I am them, as they are me and we are of the people, Diné
But I think “Hey!”
I fit in here as if I am any other Nepali girl
But no, I am from an unknown tribe exploring the world
With eyes wide open
Just me and my pot of tea
Going from A to B

-Amber M.

♥Aphex Twin- Xtal♥


2 Comments on “Pokhara II.

  1. Amber,

    I’m just discovering you after I found your Etsy page, I’m so glad I found you. This text almost brought a tear to my eye. Your words are so well chosen, poetic. What is this picture on the table? It’s hypnotizing me..
    I wish you well and I’m going reading the rest of your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! Thanks 🙂 The picture is a postcard I bought in Pokhara that I really liked because the girls looked like two Navajo girls to me 🙂 I send them to my friend back in the states. Sorry it took so long to reply I haven’t signed into this blog in almost a year. I recently went on a trip out of the country (France) so I thought I would write about it. Thanks for reading 🙂


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