The minute after I booked my flight to Kathmandu, it felt like the universe was finally throwing me a bone. It started with meeting a very nice guy from Boston at the Chiang Mai train station. We only talked for 25 minutes but it was one of those encounters where you feel you were meant to meet someone. He was an enlightened fellow from “Bawston” that had just spent 2 and a half months in Northern Thailand with a tribe with no running water, electricity etc. Let’s call him EB (Enlightened Bostonian). So I told EB I was running away from Thailand, a little of my “mission,” and my journey to Nepal. By looking at EB’s facial expressions and responses, he was a diligent and content being. I have to say, I was very jealous because I was starting to get worn out and question my own journey. I was also contemplating buying a ticket back to the states. I had it already planned out to those who would ask how my trip was with “yea, it was good” ::forced smile::
But EB gave me that little bit of hope that was left in me and said “I think things will be different for you in Nepal.” Then we just kind of sat there and smiled. Before I knew it, it was time to get on my train back to Bangkok then off to Kathmandu. I shook EB’s hand introduced myself, said it was nice to meet him, threw my backpack onto my shoulder and walked with open eyes to my train cart.

It’s funny when the universe throws you a bone and gives you that extra hope.
Then everything starts to fall into place.

♥Little Dragon- Constant Surprises♥


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