Seoul II.

The goodbye to South Korea was inevitable. Whenever traveling, it seems like there is never enough time, EVEN when you have all the time in the world. But that’s okay. Even though I have only been spending roughly a week and half at each city I go to, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and Seoul have all had a bittersweet goodbye. Excitement and anticipation are always on my side when it comes to the next stop but part of me always feels like it’s still with the former city.

As I was on the plane from Seoul to Bangkok, somewhere over China, the heartache started to set in. I feel as though I should be used to this considering I have been leaving so many cities, towns and friends the past month and a half.

As I was flying away from Seoul at 560 MPH, I thought of my last week.

During the week, I had the freedom to go to some amazing galleries and museums( Art Sonje Gallery,  National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) eat some good food and look at some cute clothes (look not buy). Sadly, I did not make it to the Jean Art Gallery as I could not find it :/ This past weekend SeungJin and I sadly missed our 10:40pm bus to Busan. However, I still saw some great sights such as JeonJu (Hanok village) and parts of the Incheon island. Who knew Incheon island was such a cute area. I thought the island just consisted of the Incheon airport. WRONG. On the island I had the fortunate opportunity to eat some wonderful seafood including live octopus. Which in my opinion is better raw than cooked.

Also, I feel so lucky to have met a girl name Sandy from Bangkok (where I am currently writing this post) at a hostel called Inno Inn and pub (which I highly recommend). She’s like my guardian angel who has helped me so much, I’m very fortunate to have met her. Oh the great wonders of traveling, is meeting so many caring and nice people who love traveling as much as you do.


I will definitely be coming back to South Korea in the future maybe on my way back home or when a Korean friend gets married ::cough cough:: ;P But it was swell Korea. I came to Korea with no knowledge of the culture (I don’t listen to know Kpop or watch Kdrama’s) but after visiting I got to see some wonderful aspects of the culture. From reading about the different dynasties in Korean culture to learning about the wonderful breed that are Ajumma’s. When I first encountered an Ajumma in the women’s bathroom on a stop on our way to JeongJu, everyone was waiting in line. I didn’t realize how quiet and peaceful it was until 9 or so older Korean women with short permed hair and mismatched tracks suits all cut in front of the line and start banging on all the doors. I didn’t know whether to laugh, hide or hug them. But I know I wanted to give them a high five for their rebel behavior. I wish to be that cool when I’m older; perm included. Actually no, I would just be like my Grandma who is pretty much a Navajo Ajumma. She too makes me laugh, question and shake my head at some of the things she does. I wouldn’t be surprised if she cut in line in public bathrooms.

I could probably write a whole post about Ajumma’s and the correlation between them and Navajo woman (tough older women that can be scary but are very nurturing).

Anywho, here are some pics from my last week in South Korea and if you ever go, I would HIGHLY recommend this blog for anyone new to Korean culture (like myself) called Ask a Korean! Not only is TK (The Korean) informative but witty and truthful. Good stuff. Thank you Anne and SeungJin for showing me around. You two are lovely hosts. And I will try to learn Korean and learn a couple of sentences by my next trip there.

Until next time: FIGHTING!

♥Yeah yeah yeahs- Warrior♥


Had to take a picture of my metro stop so I could remember where my hostel was
If you are an avid shopper Hongdae area is for you
Subway stations here are so cute
seafood lunch
Sunday lunch on Incheon Island
Delicious seafood soup with an ARRAY of crab, shrimp, oysters and octopus head. Very good.
Raw Flat fish in Incheon
Nasal Spray ad in the subway
Bittersweet ending as Korea enters very cold weather


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Amber McCrary is a Diné zinester, feminist and writer. She was born in Tuba City, Arizona (Diné Bikeyah) and raised in the Reservation bordertown of Flagstaff, Arizona. In the small town of Flagstaff is where she discovered her love for Punk Rock and the Do it Yourself Culture. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in American Indian Studies from Arizona State University. She is currently an MFA candidate in the Creative Writing Program at Mils College. She enjoys many things in life such as tea, traveling, writing, reading, sulking, gardening, eating, smashing the patriarchy and learning about cultures and her own (Navajo/Diné). She currently lives in Oakland, California. Her work has appeared in Yellow Medicine Review, Bluestockings Magazine, Cloudthroat magazine, 580 split, Warship Zine and the Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Interdisciplinary and Intersectional Approaches 1st Edition.

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