Portland. Week 2.

What can I say about my last week in Portland? It mainly consisted of Melanie and I were working on our zine project and and took breaks in between by going to Sauvie Island (going to the Pumpkin Patch and through a corn maze), continuing my Twin Peaks Marathon and walking through Portland’s last heat wave before the leaves started to change. It is officially fall. My favorite time of the year, so I must say I was a bit sad to leave Portland not only because I had to say bye to my best friend but because the streets were so beautifully covered with their gold leaves. Although Portland may not be my favorite city in the world it has been the happiest I have been in quite awhile. To hang out with Melanie everyday and work on our Zine was not only fun but therapeutic and exactly what I needed. And most importantly we finished! Hopefully we will have details soon as to how to acquire it. Most times we were apprehensive about this goal upon finishing. Once we did, we looked at each other bewildered and 5 minutes later I was hugging Melanie bye on her front porch and I was off to Seattle. But here are a few pictures from this past week.

♥Hope Sandoval and the warm inventions- Suzanne♥

Nakai Dine’e for life!
Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch
I literally stared at this pumpkin for 20 minutes debating if I should buy it. I sadly decided not to but I took a pic of it.
Lost in the corn maze
One of the great props that I slept next to for a week and half in an awesome Portland studio downtown. Thanks to Bradley and his wonderful studio/art props 😛
portland morning
Portland morning view from Chinatown
Did we or did we not? That is the question. (Note: We didn’t, it was too cold on the island but not for others if you get my drift)
Cute. Melanie and Bradley.
Waiting in line for Voodoo Doughnuts.
Cut and Pasted with love ❤ (Cover of our zine) “Empower yoself before you wreck yoself: Native American Feminist Musings. Vol. 1”
One of Melanie’s pieces entitled “Romance me at Wounded Knee.”
One of my pieces “Urban Indian Guilt.”

Published by asdzaabeat

Amber McCrary is a Diné zinester, feminist and writer. She was born in Tuba City, Arizona (Diné Bikeyah) and raised in the Reservation bordertown of Flagstaff, Arizona. In the small town of Flagstaff is where she discovered her love for Punk Rock and the Do it Yourself Culture. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in American Indian Studies from Arizona State University. She is currently an MFA candidate in the Creative Writing Program at Mils College. She enjoys many things in life such as tea, traveling, writing, reading, sulking, gardening, eating, smashing the patriarchy and learning about cultures and her own (Navajo/Diné). She currently lives in Oakland, California. Her work has appeared in Yellow Medicine Review, Bluestockings Magazine, Cloudthroat magazine, 580 split, Warship Zine and the Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Interdisciplinary and Intersectional Approaches 1st Edition.

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